Monday, September 24, 2012

Daorae Korean BBQ @ Metroprima Kepong

Mummy decided that three of us head over to Kepong Daorae for lunch after passing my driving test in the morning, with much relief. Was dreading it since last week and I'm super glad now that everything is over. 

Couple shot #1. 

 Couple shot #2.

 Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant at Metroprima Kepong, next to Carrefour.

 Fresh lettuce is a must when you are having 'heaty food' such as BBQ meat.

Every typical korean meal comes with a set of 'banchan', which literally means side dishes in Korean. Daorae serves different types of side dishes everyday, depending on what ingredients they have. Today's side dishes include bamboo shoot, sesame-oil sauteed spinach, sausages, mini-pancakes, kimchi, marinated radish and a few more which I can't remember. 

We ordered pork belly for our first set of BBQ. For the second set, we ordered pork shoulder but the picture is not worth posting as pork belly is much more photogenic with the beautiful layers of lean meat and fat (this is why Korean called pork belly Sam-gyeop Sal which literally means three-layered meat) while pork shoulder only consists of mostly lean meat. The pork belly meat is really moist compared to the pork shoulder meat due to the juicy and thick fat layers. I wonder how many calories are there for me to burn by putting extra effort in my workout.  

 The meat grilling part will be done by the server. So your job is to wait for the meat to be served.

The server will then cut the meat into pieces. Basically, the proper way of eating Korean BBQ is: pick one slice of meat, dip it into the fermented soy bean paste and some salted sesame oil, add in garlic, onion or kimchi and wrap it with fresh lettuce. Make sure to eat everything up in one bite!  

On a related note, I've noted that today's customer service was alright. Remember I used to complain about the deteriorating customer service here at Daorae. I've come to think that this is a common problem for restaurants with multiple branches as it's difficult for business owners to supervise the standard of customer service. However I'm really fascinated at how the foreign waiters at Korean restaurants are able to pick up Korean language so well that they are able to converse with Korean customers effectively. I wish I can learn how to speak Korean like them. Until now, I've only been able to read and pronounce Korean words. 
The following will be something unrelated to food as I'm going to post some quickie updates about my house cat, Ashie!

First of all, I got her a new pink dress that matches her pink collar! So pinkish! Even her favourite floor mat to roll on is pink in colour which gives her the ability to camouflage perfectly.

Secondly, Ashie was spayed (neutered) last month. Had a minor abdominal surgery and was under anaesthesia.The anaesthesia effect didn't completely wear off until a day after the surgery and Ashie was struggling to get up and walk but most of the time she just fell clumsily after a few steps. Nevertheless, Ashie was still very much determined to walk to her favourite afternoon nap chair no matter how many times she fell and slept through the rest of the day comfortably. Awww.

This was Ashie sitting on the cork pot-holder before we were having our dinner. Cute eh?

That's all for now!



Hilda Milda™ said...

Congrats on passing your driving test! :D Awwww, Ashie looks so cute in her pink dress.

Joey Chin said...

Thanks! haha it's a step closer to freedom.