Sunday, September 2, 2012

San Nae Deul BBQ Korean Restaurant @ Ampang

When you say Ampang, Korean food comes into my mind immediately! I don't watch K-dramas nowadays because I find the storyline repetitive but my passion for Korean food remains undiminished. Well, this time the three of us head over to San Nae Deul BBQ Korean Restaurant for lunch and the rest of the post will be mostly food pictures taken with Hubby's iphone. Gave up bringing my dslr camera as I had to take public transport and I'm timid like that.

And where is it exactly? Located at the shoplot right next to Galaxy Ampang. Same row as Dakgalbi Scandal. 

 Hubby and his mum.

 One thing we like about this restaurant is there are many small private rooms for the customers to enjoy the meal without disturbance caused by other customers. Pretty good for a private gathering.

The mascot of the restaurant is a pair of cow and pig in traditional Korean costume.   

 Look at my happy face. =D

 Fresh lettuce is served to wrap the beef and pork slices.

Non stick BBQ grill plate. They are using gas fire instead of charcoal fire which we initially thought would be the norm for all Korean BBQ restaurants.

 We ordered beef and pork slices which are not as thin as they look. Slurps.

 Will you please look at the variety of the side dishes (banchan)! So many and I lost count of them. Around 17 side dishes if I'm not mistaken. The side dishes are super delicious. Double thumbs up.

Sizzling beef slices. Very yummy indeed.

The satisfied me. Would love to come back for more. =)

San Nae Deul BBQ Restaurant
No. D12, Jalan Dagang B/3A,
Taman Dagang 68000 Ampang.
Tel: 03 - 4270 6344


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