Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hubby's Military Soup!

You know they say a guy who can cook is attractive. And Hubby became a house-husband last week by cooking Korean Military Soup to reward his girlfriend who is an all-time glutton. Let's see how a guy does his cooking!

Washing and preparing stage.

Ingredients include mushrooms, cheese sausages, fishball...

And spam aka luncheon meat.

 Korean red chilli pepper paste for the soup base. 

To be honest, I was sitting on the couch comfortably watching Superstar K4 (Korean singing competition reality show) while waiting for my dinner. When Hubby brought the pot to the table, I squeaked in excitement and tasted the soup immediately. It was super yummy and I love luncheon meat! 

 On cloud nine face.

Basically Hubby was the chef of the day and I even ordered extra Ramyeon to satisfy my tummy. I love being served like a spoiled girlfriend hahaha.

Next will be Jap Chae (Korean sweet potato noodles) by Hubby! Yay!



*JacQueliNe* said...

Aww, wish my bf can cook too! :)

XCB said...

hahahaha XD