Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9 Berries Korean Frozen Yogurt

After our gym session in Times Square, Hubby and I took the bridge connecting Pavilion and KLCC and we got down at Jalan P.Ramlee just to take a look at this KL City Walk.

Basically, there's nothing much here as you can only spot some eatery outlets along the straight walkway. We initially thought there would be more than eatery outlets, maybe some makeshift stalls selling food or clothes. Nonetheless our main purpose here was to find this Korean Frozen Yogurt store named 9 Berries. 

9 Berries is a small frozen yogurt shop located at the far end of KL City walk owned by a pair of Korean couples. Sadly the Korean owners are not in the shop when we visited. 9 Berries even came out with a Gangnam style flavour Froyo.

Small topping counter displaying dry topping similar to Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt and also fresh fruit toppings. 

The shop even displays various kpop albums as well as made-in-korea accessories for sales. They are super expensive though, ranging from rm20+ for a pair of earrings to rm40+ for necklaces etc. I can barely afford expensive accessories @.@ And note those anonymous behind me, they were not ordering a single thing yet they were occupying all the available empty tables in this small shop #likeaboss. So frustrated since we had no choice but to sit outside the shop and had to endure the heat while enjoying our gradually melting froyo.

Having desserts under the sunlight.

9 Berries's signature Belgian Waffle with whipped cream.

Mango flavour frozen yogurt with fresh mango topping and almond flakes. Some bloggers claimed that 9 Berries Froyo is better than Moo Cow Froyo and I think I know why. It is because of the extra creamy flavour and texture which are absent in Moo Cow Froyo which means there's a possibility that 9 Berries is made of 100% yogurt which makes it more like half ice cream and half froyo. I will still go for Moo Cow though because of it's natural sour taste.

Hubby got me a new watch! Love it very very much because it looks vintage and the colour of the strap is camel brown. Makes a good accessory too doesn't it? =D

Another thing Hubby got for me is a black hoodie from Uniqlo. Very comfy and light to wear even in hot weather because the material is thin and airy enough!

Thankiu Hubby <3.


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