Saturday, September 15, 2012

14th September

Time really flies once you reach the age of twenty. I only started to realise about this lately and I recall myself complaining about not growing up fast enough when I was younger. 

On another note, 14th September is my hubby's birthday! It was also the first ever birthday celebration with him since we had been together for 10 months. I had decided to make kimbap (korean version of sushi) and korean seaweed soup for hubby as it's a tradition for Koreans to make seaweed soup for birthday celebrations. It turns out that hubby like both of the dishes very much and I might have to explore my cooking recipes further as I'm running out of ideas for new dishes.

Both of us really felt that my korean seaweed soup does taste almost (99%) like those usually served in korean restaurants. The outcome was totally unexpected because it was really easy to make. Stir fry dried anchovies and garlic before adding water. When the water boils, add one Maggi chicken cube (or chicken broth if you have it), few spoonfuls of soy sauce followed by the pre-soaked korean seaweed (Korean Kombu) and you get your authentic korean seaweed soup and it taste sooo sooo good.

Korean seaweed soup making success! *inserts success kid meme.jpg*

To make kimbap, just prepare the ingredients that you like e.g. crab meat, cucumber, kimchi, egg filling, cheese and the list goes on. Then add some sesame oil and white sesame seeds to the rice which you have boiled earlier and you can start rolling kimbap with your sushi roller. Nothing fancy but we both agreed it was quite delicious and we felt the meal was healthy too.

Yes, I made this many of kimbaps haha. But both of us still manage to finish all.

Hubby obviously enjoying the kimbap haha.

As for dinner, we had awesome rib-eye steak and angel hair spaghetti complimented with vanilla toast as dessert. Thanks to Khuan's aunty and cousin who made the dinner for us.

Overall, hubby and I both love the birthday celebration very much because both of us are very homey type of persons and the best thing to do would be spending time with each other at home with some home cook food and nothing more.

Looking forward to the many many birthday celebrations ahead as we are building our path together as a couple with dreams.

Once again, happy birthday CYK! Love you always. =)

Hubby showing his shoulder muscles.

Me showing my biceps haha.


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