Monday, October 15, 2012


Was at Publika last Friday for the #Churpout2012 bazaar! It was a very happening event with bloggers selling clothes, fun game activities and performances. I played dart games and managed to win a Starbucks free beverage voucher. Yay, gonna belanja hubby his favourite Green Tea Cappuccino with it. Even got a goodies bag from Churp Churp with lots of discount vouchers as well! We arrived reasonably early at 10:50am as we thought the bazaar starts at 11am. As we walked on, we found Foruchizu stall in the middle of the bazaar and to our surprise the stall was already surrounded by a HUGE crowd. Every single minute or so, young girls were asking for pictures with Audrey and Cheesie, included us. Haha.

With Audrey. Audrey's blonde hair is very blonde. Suits her too.

With Chuckei. Chuckei's stall opened at around 12pm. Spotted Nana as well.

Last but not least Cheesie! I look huge standing next to her. @.@

Had lunch at Magenta with Christy, her bf and Hui Ming. It was Magenta's grand opening and 15% discount was given to all dine in customers!

Food that we ordered:

Grilled Escargot. Love Love Escargot with creamy cheesy sauce. You can never go wrong with it.

Beef Cottage Pie.

We also ordered scones, all American Beef Burger, awesome latte and cappuccino. For more pictures and food description, go to since Hui Ming already blogged about it haha. #lazyblogger

Tuna Steak. Blogged about this previously.

#OOTD. Christy was missing because she came later with her bf.

That's all!


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