Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hokkaido Santouka Ramen @ Pavilion

Hubby and I went dating at Pavilion after our usual gym session at Times Square. Brought him to try the famous Santouka Ramen, watched Dredd and ate pork noodle at Lot 10.

Here are two full body pictures of us after completing our gym session. I did not lose much weight though I can feel that I'm getting fitter physically and my cardiac endurance certainly increases as well. Not only that, I can feel that my skin is getting better and smoother, thanks to the increasing metabolism rate I guess. There are just so many benefits if you committed yourself to exercising regularly and it doesn't matter whether you do it in gym or at home. Say no to sedentary lifestyle! =)

Love my Uniqlo hoodie so much! Thanks hubby!

The hubby. Haha.

I'm sure everyone knows that H&M is the new hype in town. We dropped by just to see the overwhelming crowd in the two-storey shoplot and also the endless queue at the changing room section.

H&M at Lot 10.

We had Santouka Ramen before the movie started. The restaurant was packed with customers as usual. There was no single empty table spotted and always there would be people filling up the empty tables. Santouka Ramen is that popular.

Hubby having a hard time choosing his food.

So I ordered this Soy Sauce Ramen set for him. The set comes with fermented soy bean rice, salad and chawan mushi. 

Soy Sauce Ramen.

Fermented soy bean rice.

Shio (Salt flavour) Ramen for me. It was so goooood. Hubby preferred Shio Ramen over Soy Sauce Ramen though. Ooops. Haha. Should have ordered Shio Ramen for him.

Oh and we went to Muji after movie. I bought this B5 size bag for RM5.90 and I get to chop any words or numbers that I like on it because Muji is providing alphabet and number stamps! No additional charge. 

My D.I.Y. couple recycle bag. Haha. ♥

Lastly, pork noodle at Lot 10, Hutong for dinner. Reasonably good meal.


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*JacQueliNe* said...

Wah, that's creative recycle bag!! :)) wish i can get one too!!1 <3