Friday, May 25, 2012

Wednesday with Sakais

Another gathering by the Sakais whenever one of our member is flying off to another piece of land. Had our gathering at Momo Steamboat Buffet, Manjalera Kepong which results in my bloated stomach as you can see in the picture which follows.

Star of the day on the left and tired-looking me who came straight after work.

It's RM28 per head for this all-you-can-grab steamboat buffet. Basically, I just took two plates and piled all mushrooms, bean curd, fish meat, beef and pork slices without thinking and keep noming without noticing that I ate more than everyone else had.

 Group photo.

Playing with smartphones. Sigh, trend nowadays. Girls playing selca with photo-editing software while the guys playing Draw-my-thing.

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