Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday with Hubby

I've been busy working lately (same old story) and this is the time when it is so important to spend your weekends well and also when small things in life can make me happy.

Lately, I'm also brewing my very own recipe to happiness, which is to cherish all moments in life and people around you. Whether I iz happy or sad. =D

Finally set foot on the newly opened Muji in Pavilion. I must say Muji's stationery are the ones that tempted me the most. Planing to buy their memo, notebooks, highlighters and pens when my new semester starts because good and well-designed stationary makes writing notes so much more enjoyable.

Spotted some carp streamers (鯉幟, Koinobori, 鲤鱼旗at Tokyo Street as Japanese Children's Day (こどもの日, Kodomo no hi) falls on 5th of May.

Guess what, cap streamers came to my knowledge when I was young because of Doraemon comic books. In one of the chapters, the poor Nobita wants to have a big and beautiful carp streamer like the one at Suneo's house so he begs Doraemon to give him one. 

Forced hubby to take a touristy picture.

Cards made by children.

And some couple shots. =D

Embryo rice cooked by Hubby's mother. Love it. For those who have never heard of Embryo rice, Embryo rice is processed brown rice which makes it more edible and easy to digest while maintaining the healthy nutrients of brown rice. A special processor is required to process the brown rice though and I get to see Hubby's mother demonstrating on the spot. 

I gotta say my digestive system feels activated after eating Embryo rice for two meals.

 Post abruptly ended again. Bye.



Hilda Milda™ said...

MUJI! I love their stationery too! Btw, I think you had a typo :P Wow, first time knowing the existence of embryo rice and it sounds pretty cool to me (:

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Erice said...

good to hear that embryo rice can help you.