Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kitty Ashie's Biography

Ashie is my first cat and she's the cleverest, naughtiest and the most playful feline I've ever known.

Name: Ashie
Sex: Female
Age: 1 1/2 years old
Favourite game: Hide and Seek, catch me if you can
Leisure activities: Sleeping, catching bugs, scratching chairs, exploring neighboorhood, roaming around the house, biting my leg, hiding behind and underneath furnitures
Favourite food: Mackerel and only mackerel
Favourite Brand: Whiskas
Things she like: Carpets, clothes cabinet, food
Things she dislike: Taking bath, water spray
Animals she dislike: Dogs

This was Ashie 5 months ago when hubby brought her back from the back alleys of Ampang. Injured and food deprived, my hubby took her for injection and gave her food and shelter. Weeks later, she moved into my house officially and Ashie has grown on me since then.

 Awww poor kitty. We had to tie her because we didn't want her to sneak under the bed which contains a lot dust. For two months, she was kept in the store room until we decided to release her when she has grown bigger and unable to sneak underneath beds.

and this is Ashie 5 months later,


Pon Pon! Make way for the royal cat highness!

With hubby. Ashie looking into my camera, awwwww. 

I don't know about other cats, but to me Ashie is definitely one of a kind. She informs you whenever she needs to pee, she makes pleading noises when she's hungry and she will wait obediently at her very own food counter while we prepare her food. She snuggles your legs when she wants food. She follows you around. She likes to watch daddy doing housework. She likes the balcony... and so much more.

Before I own a cat, I thought dogs are the best companion to have. I even have a puppy fever photo album on my facebook. But since I have Ashie, things are different now. Cats are so convenient to have, they no need to be toilet trained as it is programmed in their nature. They are not too attention seeking like dogs are. So cats are indeed man's good companion.
Feline fever in the air now. <3


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