Saturday, January 19, 2013

Summarised Updates!

Attended a few gatherings!

With old classmates from Chong Hwa at Uncle Jang, Mont Kiara! Absolutely cannot tahan the smokiness that chokes you everytime you try to breath. Uncle Jang seriously need to improve the ventilation so that I won't feel like sneezing all the time.

Purikura with cousin at One U's arcade!

Spikey hairband from cousin! Thank you!

Healthy food for healthy lifestyle! Who's with me? Haha.
 Homemade Kimchi!

 Homemade Vit's noodle with fresh lettuce and fried egg with tomato.

A daily dose of burdock essence. Burdock root is a type of root vegetable which has a lot of proven benefits, such as lower cancer cells, cholesterol, improve intestinal movement and much more! It is recommended by many health professionals for health purpose! In Japan and Korea, burdock is a very popular and essential root vegetable and it's strongly recommended by a Korean TV health programme! To consume, cut the long root into pieces and boil it with water. Drink the water daily. I have been drinking burdock essence for few weeks and I can tell that it is working!  

Alright, time to get back to study! Will be having a scheduled interview with a hospital next Thursday so I gotta study more! I believe effort is the key to good results =)! I shall put more effort in my studies from now on and say no to procrastination! 



jiayeei said...

Good luck in your interview joey (:

XCB said...

Thank you jiayeei!! I pass the interview <3 =)