Tuesday, January 1, 2013

SS20 Fish Head Noodle on New Year's Eve

Located at Damansara Kim, SS20 fish head noodle is another option you can consider for delicious and yummy fish head noodle in PJ. Previously I blogged about another fish head noodle restaurant at Damansara Kim which is only a street away from SS20 fish head noddle. Link here: http://xcb91.blogspot.com/2012/06/day-at-curve-and-ipc.html

Oh and we came here on New Year's Eve! I spent my New Year's Eve travelling to food hideouts with family and hubby. First is this SS20 fish head noodle, second is Semenyih Kampung Chinese food and third is mamak tandoori! What an adventurous food adventure we had!

 Soya Pudding. Not so recommended because it tastes a bit weird for me. I would recommend you to order their fresh soya bean with or without cincau.

 Cendol that tastes good enough.


The good thing about SS20 fish head noodle is you can opt for either bihun, lai fun or thick bihun. I chose lai fun because sometimes bihun tends to absorb the soup. Moreover, you can order either non-fry or fried fish. I chose non-fry because I like the texture of a non-fry fish more. The fish I chose is Haruan fish and there are other options like Soong fish or fish paste. 

 Lai fun with Non-fry Haruan Fish.

 Daddy and Mummy's Bihun Fried Soong fish noodle.

Hubby's Lai fun fish paste noodle.

Overall rating for the taste is 6/10. 

Fish head noodle is always my favourite because of the milky soup base with tomato. Plus I love fish! SS20 fish head noodle is definitely a recommended place for fish head noodle lovers out there!


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