Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bulgogi Brothers @ Midvalley

Very delayed post here. Supposed to blog this last year. >.< Oh well.

Hubby and I were were tempted by this newly opened Bulgogi Brothers when we were dating at Midvalley. The temptation of Korean food is always irresistibly strong hence we just walked in promising to ourselves that it would be our last pricey meal. Although it was a good meal overall, it cost us a bomb and made us think twice to ever step foot in Bulgogi Brothers again haha. Plus currently I'm trying my best to avoid eating beef due to some influence I got from watching animal rights video. I must say that I was doing quite well by not eating beef for months until I saw this Bulgogi Brothers #failed.

Me posing for hubby's Iphone. Haha. I'm bad at posing. I just can't help but give the same look whenever I try to pose.

The Korean side dishes. In contrary to other Korean restaurants, Bulgogi Brothers serve pumpkin soup, mashed pumpkin and some fresh vegetables (corn, sweet potato etc). Love healthy side dishes.

Then here comes the main star attraction. The love shaped beef patties (Unyang Bulgogi) and Gwanyang style Bulgogi. Definitely not Gangnam style haha. Bulgogi is grilled marinated beef in Korean, though sometimes it can be chicken or pork. Korean loves beef and it's part of their daily staple diet.

* Notice that few slices of white bread are placed at the side to absorb the flavour of the beef juice. And omg it does taste good!

Heart shaped beef patties looking pretty~!

Though the heart shape was not that obvious after being cooked.

Looks like ordinary burger beef patties to me but I like the richness of the marinated beef flavour.

 Gwanyang style Bulgogi.

Looks like any Bulgogi you can get from other Korean restaurants but this taste a little better than the rest due to its rich beef flavour.

Although it was a meaty and costly meal (do prepare two or three green notes for a two person meal), me and hubby enjoyed it plus hubby is a beef lover! Still I would prefer cooking healthy veggie meal at home than constantly paying visits to these costly restaurants. Hubby loves my cooking too! Right? Haha.



Anonymous said...

Korean foods are healthy and yummy!

domokun said...

yummmyyy but pricey XDDDDD

XCB said...

yalorhh so once in a lifetime cukup ady haha