Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Valentine's Day at Times Square with Hubby

It's time to blog our Valentine's Day at Times Square! Pictures are smaller in size because they were taken with Hubby's iphone, not camera. We chose to spend our Valentine's Day at Times Square because we wanted to go for some workout at our gym there before celebrating our Valentine with a nice movie and some good food.

On Valentine's Day, the queue at GSC cinema was so long that we had to buy our tickets at GSC Max at 10th floor. Luckily there weren't so many people know about this cinema. It was our first time at GSC Max and we love it! The cinema hall is soooo big and it is even bigger than my college's auditorium. There are more than 1000 seats in the hall I think. Their screen is super wide too. That explains the name of the cinema, GSC Max.

Me in front of GSC Max entrance.


We watched Stephen Chow's latest movie: Journey to the West and I absolutely love it! It was so funny but too bad Hubby didn't like it. = (

Went for lunch at Asahi Japenese Restaurant opposite Cold Storage. We didn't know that our former prime minister Dr. Mahathir, his wife and Datuk Lee Chong Wei had visited this restaurant until we saw their photos on the wall near the entrance.

Yummy sushi which I forgot the name and crab meat and fish roe salad ordered by me. The fish roe was so crunchy and fresh! Love the freshness of the food here.

Specially ordered salmon belly sushi because I'm an avid salmon lover. The salmon belly is soooo fresh that it literally melts in your mouth. Seriously the best salmon belly sushi I ever had.

Me with my favourite green tea.

Hubby's yummy udon.

Will definitely pay this restaurant another visit because the food here is soooo good. However, will have to save more money because the food is pricey in comparison with other Japanese food chain outlets.

Next we had some cheap and yummy snack at Times Square Mini Taiwan near the usual GSC cinema.

Hubby ordered this Taiwanese sausage sandwich which tastes good.

The grilled scallop I ordered tastes quite good as well. I love scallop!

That's all about CYK and CSY's Valentine's Day! Looking forward to many more Valentine's Days with hubby!



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