Saturday, March 16, 2013

Homemade Cheese and Egg Risotto

It's cooking day again! However I'm in need for some cooking inspirations and the best way to get them is to read some cookbooks or online recipes. Well I prefer flipping through pages and pages of recipe than clicking from website to website just to search for a recipe. So I went to a bookstore and I found this 'Egg Recipes' which is a cookbook with recipes for various dishes with eggs and I love it!

Also found this picture on facebook and I salivate immediately. Who doesn't love eggs? When I spotted the 'Egg Recipes' cookbook, all I wanted was to bring it home! Hubby who knows me best, came to the rescue by buying it for me as I was reluctant to use my own money =P. Plus I used up all my 1Malaysia book vouchers just to buy a physiotherapy textbook. I promise I will make good use of the cookbook and make more awesomelicious dishes for you hubby! Thank you and love you! =D

Was flipping through the pages of the book and look what I found.

Cheese and egg risotto 鸡蛋奶酪炖饭! Confirm delicious by just looking at the sample image! Also comes with simple step by step instructions with images. So okay, let's do this!

The ingredients!

 Last minute decision to add some grilled salmon meat. Also you will need some bacon strips.

 Cheddar cheese and some leftover Laughing Cow cheese blocks. The recipe actually uses Mozarella cheese but any cheese should be fine.

 Two beaten eggs with some fresh milk.

So basically I just boiled the rice with some chicken stock and while it was boiling, I add in the cheese, broccoli, salmon and bacon strips. Lastly I pour in the egg and milk mixture and tadaa! Simple.

 Two bowls of cheese and egg rissoto with a bowl of fresh salad with Japanese roasted sesame sauce.

Close up shot. Look quite similar with the sample image except mine has more green in it.

Hubby gave a thumbs up for this dish so I think it's a success for me! Yay!


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*JacQueliNe* said...

aww look so delicious! next time do it for me :)