Sunday, March 3, 2013

Furry Friends Farm Open Day

Formed on 4 October 2006, Furry Friends Farm is a no-kill animal sanctuary for rescued, abandoned, abused and stray dogs and cats. FFF was previously single-handedly run by its late founder Sabrina Yeap until her untimely passing in July 2012. Sabrina's passing was also widely published by local newspapers and her story has moved many people's hearts. 

I was delighted to know that there will be an Open Day event at FFF on 3rd of March. Daddy and I wanted to take a look at the farm and of course its cute residents so we embarked on a fun half day journey to Kundang. It was a bit tricky to find this place as the place is very remote. From Kundang Lake Country Club, drive straight heading towards Kundang New Village. Before the flyover, slow down as there is a narrow mud road on your right with a tiny FFF sign in red. Turn in and drive all the way straight. You will note a fishing farm on your right. Continue driving and soon you will find FFF on your right as well. 

 The entrance of Furry Friends Farm.

 Daddy and mummy posing with the Furry Friends Farm's banner.

Love the slogan.

Stalls selling pre-loved items were set up to collect donations.

Next, I will be introducing the mascots and ambassadors of Furry Friends Farm!

Rajoo, the 'dog-goat' who was rescued by Sabrina Yeap when he was 2 months old and about to be slaughtered. Sabrina and her team members took him home and fed him with bottles and bottles of milk. He was called the dog-goat because he eats dog kibbles, sniffs other dogs' bottoms and hangs around with dogs. He doesn't eat grass and surely doesn't know how it tastes like.

 Oh hi I'm Rajoo, the 'dog-goat'. I love the fact that all the ambassadors of the farm were wearing cute little neck scarves with their name on it.

 I'm Rajoo and I think I'm a dog. Woof woof.

 Rajoo with a little indian kid.

 This is Jasper, who got his eye severely injured in a hit and run accident. I was told he was hit by a lorry and was left to die on the road until Sabrina came to the rescue. Mark the extensive scar on his forehead and left eye.

Kuning, the famous dog is actually one of the abandoned dogs at a wild, remote island in Pulau Ketam. He gave signal to the other dogs to swim over to the rescue boat when the dogs were in doubt to do so. He is also Sabrina Yeap's favourite and also known as the superhero dog.

Kuning was the star attraction during the open day.

 One of Sabrina's old dogs, Meow Meow who is partially blind with severe cataract eye. She is 13 years old and rescued by Sabrina from SPCA.

Making herself comfortable in mummy arms.

 Another PR dog named Baby.

Baby wandering around seeking attention from visitors. Baby is surely a loving and friendly dog.

This is Beijing. Beijing was paralysed a while ago due to spine problem but has since managed to recover after some intensive physiotherapy and acupunture sessions by Lydia and Dr Suzannah. It was good to see her running around happily, enjoying the freedom of walking.

 A heartwarming moment at FFF. No words can describe this touching moment.

 Dogs getting excited to see so many visitors at FFF.

 An unknown dog busy digging an underground tunnel to cross the boundaries and visit his neighbours at the next enclosure.

 A cute doggie poked his head out from an opening at the wired enclosure.

 Cute little puppies mingling with each other.

 The mother of the puppies busy taking care each of them.


 Awwwww x2.

 A unique cat with overgrown lower fangs. Despite looking unfriendly, he was very loving and craves for human attention.

 A cute grey meow.

 Another cute ginger mixed white cat.

 This one eyed dog caught my eye as he was extremely loud and kept barking all the time.

 Goodies bag with a free can of cat food as I told the volunteer that I have a cat at home.

 A foreigner volunteer shared her burger with the dogs.

 A dog caught napping and enjoying the shed.

 Flowers to pay tribute to the late Sabrina Yeap, the founder of FFF.

 Al Paccino aka Scarface, one of the abandoned dogs at Pulau Ketam rescued by Sabrina. He is a loner who can't live with the rest of the dogs as he views the other dogs as food. When Al Paccino was abandoned at the wild island, he had to eat other dogs to survive in the island with no food and has since unable to recover from the trauma he had.

 The backview of the FFF. There were more activities such as lucky draw, talks and BBQ party but we didn't stay long.

Bought this cute FFF T-shirt for RM28.
They were completely sold out on that day. Some even couldn't get it. I was lucky to have arrived earlier and get my hands on this cute t-shirt.

 I love the cute drawings of each of the ambassadors and mascots of FFF including Rajoo, Kuning, Jasper, Baby and a few more.

Lastly, an important message by the animal welfare group to all the Malaysians out there: Give these poor dogs a chance to live. Do not ever try calling the local council or private dog catching companies to catch them. You are just giving them death sentence. They will not be rehomed, instead they will be put to sleep. They certainly deserve to live and share this world with us.

For those who wish to lend a helping hand by volunteering or donating, kindly refer to FFF facebook page or website.

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