Monday, June 9, 2014

Techy Apple Fan Club

Was discussing with Hubby that we should do more couple blogging instead of writing all by myself. So hubby suggested that we blog about our favourite tech brand, Apple! This post will be blogged by only me as usual but hubby contributes to most of the ideas of this post so I count it as a pass for couple blogging. Haha.

For people outside the world of technology like me, I always thought that Apple gadgets were meant for the rich only because of its higher price obviously. However, as the world changes (people willing to spend more money on gadgets and attractive phone plans offered by telco companies), Apple doesn't seem that distant anymore.

After all, people nowadays can't seem to live without a smartphone in hand and I think that explains why people start investing more on gadgets. In the past a RM300 Nokia phone would be sufficient for phone calls and text messages. Now a phone has to be equipped with high megapixel camera with self-adjusting lighting, video recording function, waterproof function, panorama mode and bla bla bla.

I'm definitely not a techy person so it's technically difficult for me to write an extensive review on the strength and weakness of various smartphones. Actually, I find it impossible. I'm not even knowledgable about these things to start with. So I have no idea what am I writing now. Probably just narrating my experience switching from Nokia to Apple.

I was a non-smartphone user for ages before I got an old iPhone3 from hubby. Unfortunately I lost it at Ikano by leaving it on the table unknowingly. I was back to square one again and had to use back Hubby's old Nokia phone. 

Then my parents rewarded me with an iPhone5S for my graduation. I'm finally given a second chance to use an advanced smartphone. Honestly, I was quite comfortable with the old Nokia phone as I'm not a person who need to constantly text someone. I'm not good at replying messages as well as I tend to read the message, do something else and completely forget to reply *gulps*.

To be even more honest, I don't even like to talk on the phone. I find it tiring to make up what the person on the phone is trying to say. With bad signal, it's even worse. When an insurance agent tries to call me up and goes on blabbering without me understanding a single word, I would end the phone call without hesitation. That's how much I hate the invention of phone. People should just stick back to fax and typewriter.


There's always a new leaf turned over. Haha.

Ever since I started using iPhone5S, I've finally learnt how to fully utilise a smartphone and realised how convenient the functions are.

First and foremost, the best invention would be iMessage which is similar to whatsapp. I can just instantly text my hubby anytime without having to pay a single penny. The only difference is I can even iMessage him using my Macbook as iMessage is available in either Macbook, iPad or iPhone.

Some people might disapprove the iCloud function which basically sync everything in your Macbook, iPad or iPhone. I find it super convenient for lazy people like me who dislike transferring photos.

And did I mention I love the self-adjusting lighting function of the iPhone5S's iSight camera? With the help of it, I'm able to capture a selfie without yellowish skin tone and background with noise. I also made a comparison by taking selfies with my iPhone5S and a Sony Xperia Z2. iPhone has an upper hand here I think. The Sony Xperia is good in capturing minute details but tends to have the yellowish tone in low light environment photos.

Can enlarge to this extent sumore and still look nice. Probably would be better if I use the HDR version but my acne would be too obvious then.

Oh and I love the new square aspect ratio shooting mode of iPhone5S as well. You can take instagram-friendly square photos with it! Good for instant social media sharing! =D

My latest read taken with iPhone5S square mode.

Won myself an Estee Lauder Envy Shine Lipstick thanks to and Nuffnang. Also taken with iPhone5S. Looks like a photo taken with high specs camera right? =D

Nah, not showing off arh but here's a picture of Hubby's precious gadgets. He love his Apple gadgets dearly. And he insisted we must show our undying support for Apple and Mac! Haha.

And mine!

And here's the abrupt ending to this techy post appearing out of nowhere. Haha.

Comment if you are an avid fan of Apple as well and follow my blog updates for more couple blogging in the future! 

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