Tuesday, June 3, 2014

KLIA2 - Amazing Bangkok Trip #2

So why Bangkok in the first place?

Christy, Jac and I were browsing through various ticket offers on Air Asia website when Bangkok caught our eyes with cheap flight ticket promotion. We bought the tickets promptly and burst with excitement after that. The tickets were such a steal as each of us only had to pay RM300++ including airport tax and luggage fee for return flight. 

Cheap flight ticket was not the only reason though.

I couldn't exactly tell why but something about Bangkok got us intrigued.

And you will see why once I continue to blog about our Bangkok trip ; )

So after looking into various methods to go to the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport aka KLIA2, we decided to take the Skybus from One Utama. It's a more convenient method for us as One Utama is near my place and we were saved from having to fork out extra money to call a taxi.

You can easily find the departure venue at the open car park located next to One Utama New Wing.

Bought the 6am bus tickets at the counter itself.

The bus ticket was RM15 for a one way trip.

Surprisingly, the entire journey only took about 50 minutes probably because it was still in the wee hours of the morning.

Spotted the new luggage trolley at the entrance where we got off the bus. Everything was spotless and new in KLIA2.  However, the furnishing of the new airport was done rather poorly. Christy and I shook our heads in disapproval when we saw the poor choice of floor tiles, uneven wall paint and weird circle designs everywhere. 

So after getting off the Skybus with our luggage-loaded trolley, we found ourselves in a long hallway with no specific clear directions to refer to. Our minds went blank for a while before we decided to ask for directions. And soon the bone-chilling air-conditioned environment hit us and we trembled all the way to the departure hall.

The information booth can be found easily anywhere should you need some help on directions. The staff are friendly and helpful. =)

The luggage check-in counters.

We managed to check-in at the Air Asia self check-in kiosks nearby.

Airport runways! It rained quite a bit in the morning.

Double checked our flight departure time!

Ate Mee Rebus at Nyonya Colours for breakfast. We didn't order any flight meal so it's a must to keep our tummies full before boarding the flight. Sadly, this one didn't have my favourite keropok udang so the kick wasn't there. Huge chunks of potatoes were given instead (ㄱ___ㄱ). Still prefer the Mee Rebus at One Utama Nyonya Colours though. 

Entrance to the departure hall. We went in earlier as we were told that the journey to the departure gate can be extremely long especially when your gate number is a double digit. Ours was gate no.23 so we were mentally prepared to do a lot of walking.

It felt like half an hour before we finally reached our departure gate. I wasn't annoyed by the amount of walking needed due to the novelty effect and everything just seemed exciting for me. But I can't say the same for the next trip though when the novelty effect wears off. Hahaha.

Selfie with Jac Jac while waiting for the announcement of departure.

All on board!

This was taken before we landed. 

Bird view of Bangkok city!

And this post officially marks the beginning of our exciting Bangkok journey! Stay tune for more Bangkok posts!


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