Thursday, May 22, 2014

Glasshouse @ Mahsa University, Petaling Jaya

So coffee shops are becoming the inevitable hangout places for youngsters nowadays. 

At coffee shops, you might be seeing people catching up with each other, working on assignments, gossiping about the latest news or just swiping away on iPad or tablet. Coffee shops are popular for a reason, and it's hard to stay away from this trend. I like coffee shops because they allow you to sit for hours, whether you are a lone ranger or part of the high tea bunch. 

I also went to coffee shops during my most hectic and stressful days of final exam preparation. The money spent on beverages and cakes no doubt has escalated to a significant amount with the increasing time I'm spending at coffee shops (it sums up to hundreds within a month I believe) *guilty mode on* but I become a more productive person as I'm getting spoiled by the luxury of sipping good quality coffee *guilty mode off* hahahaha XD.

It's definitely a delightful piece of news when I saw the announcement of the opening of Glasshouse at Mahsa University. As I'm nearing towards the end of my 4 year course, it's a slight pity that I wouldn't be able to visit Glasshouse frequently after graduation =( #sadfact 

So I managed to visit the coffee shop as often as possible during my last days as a university student. If you are following me on instagram, you would have noticed it was flooded with coffee pictures at one time. Haha.

Colourful tea party! Can you guess the tea flavours by looking at the colour?

I'm waiting for your answers....

Still waiting for it....

The answers are Chamomile tea, Strawberry tea and Peppermint tea!

I drink tea when I don't feel like drinking coffee because too much caffeine will give me this annoying dizziness sometimes.

Artistic tea shot time! Shot #1!

Shot #2!

Shot #3!

This time it's a coffee shot! 

An emo shot of Iced Caramel Latte!

At glasshouse, not only you will be able to get energy boosting caffeine and soothing tea, healthy wraps and sandwiches are also available for the health conscious people. Throughout my 4 years at Mahsa, I was only able to eat cafeteria food which are Chinese/Indian/Malay mixed rice and western food. Now I'm pampered with more healthy choices such as wraps n sandwiches!

Cakes are also available for the sweet tooth ; ) Left: Chocolate Cake, Right: Red Velvet Cake

Brownies! Ask for the counter to heat it up for you for more chocolatey flavour! I absolutely love their Brownies!

Homemade yellow lime cheesecake, also known as 'Yellow Bird'! Quickly grab it before it runs out! Cheesecakes are always the best sellers!

Another insta shot to impress the followers haha.

So this is how Glasshouse looks like from the outside which looks exactly like a glasshouse.

Visit Glasshouse facebook page at for daily menu updates! You will be finding new surprises in the menu if you follow the updates closely.

Outdoor area for outdoor lovers.

Jenga and Scrabble are also available to kill boredom.

Weeeee, playing simple game like Jenga with a bunch of friends was fun! 

My lovely friends <3

The roof of glasshouse, so prettyyyy with the natural sunlight shining upon us.

Menu of the day! Ain't they cheap? The prices are made affordable for students with limited pocket money.

Non-Mahsa students should be able to visit Glasshouse as long you tell the security guards that you are going to visit the coffee shop.

Check hashtag #theglasshousecafe on instagram for more awesome possum pictures.

Oh and I'm finally done with all the final exams! Can't wait for the farewell dinner tonight and I just remember I have a speech to prepare!

Till then!

Glasshouse Cafe,
Address: Jalan Elmu off Jalan Universiti, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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