Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hanwoori Korean BBQ @ Ampang Korean Town

Had Korean food for lunch with Hubby and Hubby's mom again! Once again, we were having a hard time choosing one out of the many Korean restaurants in Ampang but finally we ended up in Hanwoori Korean BBQ restaurant. Just like any other authentic Korean restaurant in Ampang, the restaurant was visited mostly by local Koreans. Overall, the food here is reasonably priced, with exceptional beef BBQ and memorable Kimchi cold noodle which I would definitely order again in the future. Thumbs up for Hanwoori and read further if you want to see my random newly-learnt Korean sentences coming out of nowhere. 
한우리 한국 레스토랑에 갔어요.

 Real charchoal~

 Hubby with his dear mummy~ 어머님랑 점심을 같이 먹었어요.

 Me with my dear hubby~ <3 재 남편입니다. 사랑해~

As usual, side dishes first. 반찬 많아요.

 Fresh lettuce for making BBQ wraps~ 약채를 촣아요~


 Rib eye steak! 이거 한우 아닌대. 보통 쇠고기 예요.

 Yummy~ Super juicy and tender. It was cooked medium. 요리잘했어요.


 My kimchi cold noodle. 재 냉면이 왔어요. 아주맛있어요.

Sinfully delicious pork belly~ 삼겹살 왔어요~

삼겹살이 죄고~

 남편의 김치찌개.

 마지막요리는 닭고기예요~
한식 아주 촣아요. 꾹 먹을거예요.

Hanwoori Korean BBQ Restaurant
Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1, Taman Ampang Utama, Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-4253 1308


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