Monday, October 14, 2013

My first sports physio exeperience - Fexco Asian Gaelic Games 2013

Had fun volunteering at my first international sports event, the Asian Gaelic Games, despite suffering from soreness all over my hand muscles. The games is held at the Putrajaya Equestrian Park on 12th -13th October. Gaelic games is actually a traditional sports from Ireland (also known as Irish football) which requires a combination of techniques and movements from rugby, basketball, football and volleyball. It's something very new in Malaysia and most of the players who participated in this event are Caucasians with a minority of Japanese and Taiwanese. 

The role of sports physiotherapist came into play when the athletes had injuries such as muscles strains, ligament sprains and etc. I've always wanted to do some sports physio so I was really happy to be able to participate in this event. I had to do a lot of therapeutic massage, stretching and of course Kinesio taping for the athletes. My thumb and fingers are really sore when I'm typing this blog post. @.@

The treatment beds occupied by the athletes and the physios doing their best to make the athletes feel better before going back to the field. Gaelic football is a highly competitive sports so the athletes have to be in their best form in order to play well.

Me doing some taping on my classmate. Taping is something that we don't often practice in our usual clinical postings so it was really good that we can just go ahead and tape everyone in the event =D.

Taping the injured calf muscle for one of the players. =D

Credits to my fellow classmates for all the pictures. =)

Me with a Korean sports physiotherapist sunbaenim for the Korean team. His taping skill is really good as he is an experienced sports physio for more than 10 years. Too bad I wasn't able to communicate with him well as he's not good in speaking English and my Korean is almost useless at that point. All I know is how to introduce myself, how to order food and how to ask for directions blablabla which didn't help much when talking to my sunbaenim. Haha. Hope to find him in Korea next time and learn some taping techniques! Haha.

A really cute mixed Japanese-Irish girl, Haruka. I love her curly copper hair and her oversized team shirt. Haha. Cuteness overload!

 Me, Christy and Jacqueline showing our certificates proudly.

Group picture with Joanna and Morah. The physiotherapists in charge.

Group picture with ze classmates. Thanks to my university and the Gaelic Games Organising Committee for giving us this amazing opportunity! My next volunteer work will be the NASAM hope walk! Can't wait for another amazing experience!


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