Sunday, August 4, 2013

Free Flow Coffee @ Coffee Societe, Publika

This news will be an exciting one for you especially if you are a hardcore coffee lover (Refer to the self explanatory post title: free flow coffee!!). Nope, it was definitely not the ordinary free flow black coffee like Mcdonald's or Ikea's. In this post, we are talking about high quality freshly brewed Latte and Cappucino made by well trained barista. Thanks to Hui Ming, we were introduced to this interesting coffee shop in the midst of the bustling Publika where KL late night drinkers gather at. At Coffee Societe, you can order any freshly brewed coffee beverages from the menu as many as you like with just RM10 nett! If you are allergic to caffeine, beware because this post is going to be heavily intoxicated by caffeine! Haha.

This time, our old primary school mate joined us for the coffee session. The three of us ordered three rounds of Latte and Cappucino and we chat all night long. For those who have history of lactose intolerance, you can opt for soy milk instead of fresh milk in your Latte or Cappucino so you don't have to to suffer from a bad stomach after drinking too much milk. If you are bored with the same Latte and Cappucino, order Hazelnut or Caramel flavoured ones for a change without any additional charge. You can even order an iced Chai Latte. There's no restriction and you can basically order anything as long it's a coffee beverage.

We ordered nine cups of coffee for the three of us which cost us RM30 nett (RM10 nett per person). What? I can't believe this deal. Sounds too good to be true and it's true. True coffee. True deal. Haha.

Became slightly dizzy after the third round so we stopped ordering *faints*. We really enjoyed drinking coffee here as they are quite good, beyond our expectations I would say. The coffee is fragrant and the coffee beans are not too burnt (as in not too bitter due to the over-heated milk) as how I would like my coffee to be. I have no fancy terms to describe the coffee here but overall we had a good coffee experience in terms of quality and price. Ambience wise, it can get really noisy in the evening so if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, visit the shop in the afternoon for peaceful cafe chatter.

Red velvet cake. Didn't really try it because I was still full from the dinner I had.

 Bestie and my old primary school mate whom I haven't met for 12 years! Glad that we had this gathering session and there's so much to catch up!

Bestie and I.

Free flow coffee on every Friday, Saturday from 6pm till late. RM10 nett.

The place was really packed with coffee drinkers at night. So be sure to come early if you want to get a nice spot.

Sometimes, it's easier to take pictures using phone instead of DSLR camera. Haha.

We recalled so many primary school memories that are silly yet memorable. Those are really fond reminiscence that we will never forget. =)

Coffee Societe opens till 12:30 late night on every Friday and Saturday. The shop was really packed when we arrived at 7:30 pm so come early to reserve your seat.

Publika, Block D4, Level G3, Unit 3A, 
Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, Malaysia
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-6211 5523


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