Friday, April 19, 2013

Pack-And-Go Healthy Lunch Boxes

Quote of the day: Eating fresh, local, healthy foods is the age old secret to a long and disease-free life. It may sound old but it's 100% true. That is also why I insisted on packing my lunch daily for work during my clinical placement (Glad it's over now! *throws confetti*). To be honest, packing lunch does take a little time (and sweat) but I enjoy cooking so why not =P.

Here are some of the lunch boxes that I made and enjoy eating.

 Kimchi fried rice! Brown rice fried with kimchi and korean chilli paste. Sometimes I would serve it with a sunny-side-up egg.

Green vegetables such as brocolli is also a must!

 Grilled chicken with herbs! Easy to make as you only have to marinate the chicken breast with herbs before grilling it on a hot pan!

 Again served with brocolli and pasta salad.

 Just a simple salad with spiral pasta, mayonnaise and pepper.

 Love love brocolli. It has so much good properties and taste good too!

 If I'm able to get cheap salmon from the market, it would be in my menu of the day.

The day when I crave for more greens. Frozen vege, tomato, cucumber and baby romaine leaves are the side salad for the day. 

 Pasta with homemade tomato paste from hubby's mother! Thank you aunty for making me this lovely tomato paste! Taste really good!

Salmon, bacon strips and stir-fry burdock with carrot and sesame oil! 

P/S: My current favourite youtube cooking guru is ochikeron! She's a Japanese and her videos show you how to cook Japanese home cooked meals. I manage to get a lot of cooking inspirations from her and the below afternoon tea sandwiches are inspired by ochikeron as well. Looks good isn't it? =)

 Chicken egg and BLT sandwiches. Video link here. I made this for hubby and he absolutely love it! <3

Would be better if you use wholemeal bread. I like the thick crunchy texture of whole meal bread.

Served with my home made mashed potatoes. My secret recipe ; )

That's all!


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*JacQueliNe* said...

wahhh So many nais food! Gonna do home cooking cos since outside food are not clean! :(
Learn from u tomorrow