Monday, February 25, 2013

CSY Homecooking

I'm finally back after the long CNY break! Instead of blogging about I spent my Chinese New Year or my Valentine's day, here are some photos of my home cooked meals because cooking at home is something I love to do recently.

Do not be fooled by how it looks! This is white sauce spaghetti. Not carbonara. Carbonara is too heavy for a healthy diet. Too much Parmesan cheese and cream. However you will only need some butter, a tablespoon of flour and milk to cook white sauce. A much healthier option to satisfy your cravings for tasty spaghetti.

Bought Ikea meatball sauce and I used it to make gravy for my mash potatoes! Didn't know they compliment each other so well!

CSY's homemade mash potatoes! Secret recipe! Haha. This photo is taken without the Ikea meatball sauce. Seriously it tastes so good with the sauce.

Simple yet fulfilling seaweed roll sushi. Love it.

 Also the very simple grilled salmon with herbs and lemon juice. Salmon is very healthy because of the properties of its fish oil. It's good to include Salmon in your diet!

Fried brown rice vermicelli topped with slices of egg and tomato. Sometimes you just need some homey Chinese food. 

That's all!


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Hilda Milda™ said...

All of them look equally yummy!! :D