Saturday, February 2, 2013


Yay finally received my parcel from last week. I came across this online shopping site when I read the reviews by bloggers Daphne and Chuckei. Then I decided to buy some chinese new year clothes from because I found that the prices are really cheap and affordable plus they have this satisfaction guarantee policy which actually allows you to return any product that you are not satisfied with within seven days. Sounds very assuring right? 

This is how my parcel looks like. This was actually my first time ordering clothes online and I was so excited about it.

My most favourite buy, couple t-shirt. Cost about RM30++ only for both t-shirts. Super cheap right? And I'm so happy that my hubby looks good in it! We took this picture right after we received the parcel so I was still wearing my old high school senaman shorts which is so inappropriate haha. I promise we will take a nicer couple shot soon! =D

Second favourite item is this star sweater which is less than RM20. Such a steal! You know the feeling when you bought something with such a low price yet the quality is good? The feeling is soooo good! Wore this star sweater to yumcha session with bestie.

with bestie at Fatspoon, Uptown.

Also got hubby a coat as early valentine gift! Too bad it was a bit tight for him to wear = (. I've learnt that you can't use t-shirt size as measurement for working suits or coats. Usually you will need to get bigger size for it or else it will be tight around the shoulder area.

Still I absolutely love what I bought and there was no regrets! I recommended to my friends and they all have ordered nice stuff from the site too! 

Let's see what I think about this online shopping site:
Strength: Cheap, affordable, and has a wide range of products including shoewear, bags, clothes, dress, accessories and a lot more! Customer service good.
Weakness: Not all the clothes are in line with the latest fashion trends. You have to browse through all the pages before you can spot something nice.

That's all! Went to National Ponggal Festival at Dataran Merdeka with my coursemates today and it was fun though the sun was scorching hot. Shall blog about it soon!



Hilda Milda™ said...

I've been browsing clothes on nile too but yeah, some of them are real cheap. Well, since you say the quality is good, I shall consider buying from them! :D

XCB said...

yeappp the clothes there are really worth getting!

*JacQueliNe* said...

Hmm, yalor. Have to measure it properly. @@