Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fatspoon Cafe @ Damansara Uptown

Met up with bestie Hui Ming at Fatspoon Cafe. We were searching for cute and cosy cafe restaurants at Damansara Uptown and there were few to choose from! In the end, we decided to try Fatspoon because the interior decoration is quite cute and looks like it could be a good place to take photos and have long hours of chatting.

Credits to Hui Ming for some of the photos below.

Their food and drinks menu is actually a modified storybook.

Red velvet cake. RM9.90 per slice. I'm not a cake person but this cake is quite moist, light and fluffy. Suitable for those who wish to have something light as dessert instead of heavy cakes like chocolate or cheese cake.

 Cakes on display.

Hui Ming's spicy beef macaroni. A combination of Italian and Chinese food culture.

Cappucino with coffee art which is pretty to look at. 

If you notice, the cappucino cup is very Malaysian because this type of cup with imprinted chinese art is actually used by local old chinese coffee shops. 

 Me with my camera which looks super huge here.

Posing with the cake. 

 Bestie Hui Ming~!

 Their extensive list of food and drinks which is written on the big blackboard.

 Some shots of the cafe decoration.

There were many customers during lunch break.

Outfit of the day. Star sweater from nile.com.my.

Hui Ming's OOTD.

Overall, Fatspoon Cafe is a good place to hang out. Foodwise, it's not super delicious or extraordinary but since we only ordered a slice of cake and a bowl of beef macaroni, another visit is required to give more comments on the food. 

The rest would be some really random shots we took outside the cafe. Haha.

Friendship of more than 10 years. ^^

Our shoes!

That's all!


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