Sunday, March 2, 2014

红辣椒 Hong Lat Jiao Chinese Steamboat @ Jalan Imbi

It has been a while since I last updated our blog... again! Hahaha I'm currently having my final clinical placement at the National Heart Institute so it's alright not to blog for the time being, right? =D  However, hubby insisted that I should at least blog about this famous Chinese steamboat restaurant where we celebrated our Valentine's day in advance.

The typical entrance door for a China style Chinese Restaurant.

We ordered this steamed meat dumpling which is our favourite side dish! I manage to eat at least 4 piece of it.

 Here comes the China style steamboat. We ordered yuan yang which is two types of soup broth in a pot. On the left is normal chicken broth and on the right is the spicy broth. I love both of them and the soup really differs from the usual Malaysian style steamboat we had. The chicken broth is really delicious as I couldn't stop drinking it. The spicy broth tends to catch your throat after drinking more than one bowl so I stopped taking the spicy broth after that but it tastes really good as well. 

Another side dish which Hubby's mother loves. Garlic marinated cucumber.

Me in my uniform after work.

The happy looking hubby!

That's all for today! It was a simple yet blissful Valentine's Day celebration for both of us. One visit isn't enough so I'm going to pay another visit with Hubby after I finish my clinical placement! =D