Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nuffnang Birthday Bash

Last Saturday was Nuffnang's annual birthday bash and I tagged along with my blogger gang members, Christy and Jac to join the party. The theme of the party was James Bond: Lost in Amazon which means we had to dress somehow like Bond girls who got lost in tropical jungle. @.@ It was a difficult task for me as I didn't have many dresses to choose from. Eventually I ended up in a long British vintage flare dress and pair it up with a beautiful necklace from House of Humerus. Visit House of Humerus instagram for more high quality accessories.  ; ) Was hoping that I wouldn't look like an alien as I was pretty sure there would be many bloggers in gorgeous theme-fit dresses and suits. I'm definitely not a regular party-goer.

 Nuffnang and UBER is generous enough to offer a free uber ride for all event-goers. UBER is an on-demand private chauffeur service from US which is now available in Malaysia! A driver was assigned to pick us up as if we were atas people haha. I must say that we were so overwhelmed with excitement until we couldn't stop blabbering about how we were able to dress up prettily and enjoy free rides like royal princesses. Haha we are just a bunch of girls who love to enjoy like everyone else. = )

Posing with a luxurious Audi car. Hmm this dress is definitely too long for my height hence is making me look shorter than usual. Btw UBER is choosing one winner for a free ride in this gorgeous car. Omg how cool is that!

Girls being girls by insisting on a selfie despite passer-by offering to take a group picture of us. I bet the passer-by was taken aback for being rejected haha.

 The venue of the event, Barbecue Garden @ KL Live Center. The place was crowded with bloggers and we had to be careful not to hit someone else while trying to shuffle our way to our seats.

Hashtag of the day #NuffnangIs007.

My birthday wish for Nuffnang pasted on the wishing tree. This is also one of the missions to be completed in order to find the killer.

 Goodies bag from Nuffnang. I love goodies bag! There are various vouchers and free items inside including a Japanese foot mask which is really cool!

Group picture!

 MC of the day.

 Barbecued chicken as appetizer.

Another selfie of us including Christy's roommate.

We had to play darts in order to finish the secret mission that Nuffnang gave to us. The secret mission is to locate the bow-tie guy and ask for tips to reveal the killer. We managed to find the killer in the end but was a tad too late as the stage had earlier announced the identity of the killer. =( Sigh it was still an applaudable effort from me and Jac though haha.

 With Lance, the nuffnang team.

Met my cousin sister at the event! Was so surprised and glad to see her.

With Audrey, the gorgeous fashionista mum! She was so slimmed down that we kept bothering her with questions on how to get slim after pregnancy. Haha.

I was a lucky girl that night as I won two VIP tickets to Jersey Boys musical and this cute LINE character doll! I never had luck in winning prizes so I was surprised to be called out twice in a row to receive the prizes.

It is going to be my first time watching a musical so I'm definitely looking forward to it! =D =D =D

That's all for today's event post!


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