Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tonkatsu and Espressamente @ Pavilion

Yayyyyy! I finally fought procrastination and here am I again, updating my blog after the unannounced absence for about a month. There are so many things I would like to blog about but I shall begin the marathon with our 2nd anniversary!

I was craving for some satisfying savoury food and Tonkatsu immediately caught my attention. We strolled around to scan for more dining options but still we chose Tonkatsu in the end. 


 Guess what are these for?

Green tea.

Fried battered chicken! Tonkatsu is basically fried battered pork cutlet so this is the chicken meat version of it.

 My Tonkatsu set with Miso soup and rice.


 Hubby's Tonkatsu set with Udon soup.

 Extremely crispy battered pork cutlet!! You have to dip it in the special sauce or else it will be too dry to just eat it like that.

 Special sauce for Tonkatsu! Seriously addicting as I couldn't stop refilling the sauce. It even goes well with plain white rice. Give me a bowl of plain Japanese rice and I can finish it all by just pouring the sauce all over it without the Tonkatsu.

More pictures! This might be a boring food post because all that I've got here are pictures of fried stuff and all fried stuff look almost identical...

Round shape fried battered chicken that I mentioned earlier.

This time I'm focusing on the shredded cabbage. Haha. The yellow sauce is definitely not mustard. It is a super spicy version of wasabi and it went straight up to my nose after taking a huge bite of it. I felt my nostrils flaring like a dragon.

Rectangle shaped tonkatsu.

Chicken or Pork? I don't which is which already.

Fried stuff overload. Haha. We had enough fried stuff to last for a week. I guess I wouldn't want to eat fried stuff again after devouring all these.

A single set costs about RM30 including tax charges. It was a little bit pricey but still worth trying especially for those who love fried stuff. Hubby didn't really like it because he wasn't a fan of cripsy fried stuff. He prefers something that comes with sauce or soup. Haha. 

Went to Espressamente to sip some coffee.

 My favourite Cappucino.

 Hubby's Iced Mocha.

 Hubby's favourite Affogato!

That's all for our 2nd anniversary celebration. We celebrated by rewarding ourselves with good food and coffee. A simple blissful day like this can easily make me feel contented and happy. Last but not least, happy 2nd Anniversary to us! =D

And more foodie posts to come! =D =D =D


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