Monday, June 11, 2012

Sopoong Korean Restaurant at Times Square

Here comes the long awaiting pay-day and I've been secretly wanting to reward myself with some shopping therapy. Asked hubby to be my shopping buddy and he said yes without hesitating!

Had brunch at Sopoong Korean restaurant at the lower ground floor of Times Square (opposite Cold Storage). Planned to have Nando's but then we had both succumbed to the temptations of Korean food #always.

Typical Korean dine in restaurant. Wall on the left corner displaying Jang Geun Suk and some other Kpop stars posters. Speaking about Kpop, I can't wait for the Big Bang concert in this upcoming October!! OMG!

Hubby deciding on what to eat. Kimchi Ramyun is his all time favourite but this time I managed to persuade him to change his mind. Ordered spicy fried udon instead.

Fell in love with dark hair recently and ironically was going to watch Snow White and the Huntsmen later. And to my astonishment Kristen Stewart had her braided like mine too!

Hubby's spicy fried udon!

My Ja Jang Myun!

Complimentary Ddokbogi which comes in a set.

Chal Mokkgae Seumnida!

 Snow White and the Huntsmen! Cinematography was awesome but the storyline was okay level only.

Knitted love top bought from Times Square! Thanks Hubby for buying me this as a reward! Love the top <3.

Ended post with cat in a bag photo. Haha!


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