Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seafood Seashells by the Seashore

We were on the way to find some cheap and nice seafood in Kuala Selangor. My dad was not familiar with this place though so I googled using his Samsung Galaxy Tab and there were many reviews about this particular seafood restaurant at Kg. Bagan Pasir, which is a small fishing village in Tanjung Karang. So Kg. Bagan Pasir is the place we were heading.

Suang Le Le River Seafood Restaurant. If translated directly from Chinese, it would be Shiok Happy Happy River Seafood Karaoke.

Most of the residents here speak Hokkien. Luckily this was after my 1 month stay in Penang.

The loo in the middle of the sea. It was lucky that we won't have to use this since they have newly built toilets inside the restaurant. Imagine the fish congregating beneath the sea, waiting eagerly for some big chunk of poo. Not to mention the fishermen catching them, serving them on dish to be eaten by us.

 A lot of trash. A lot is an understatement. Trash is EVERYWHERE.

Dad was grumpy because the harsh view of garbage and clam shells strewn everywhere was disturbing him and his appetite. He didn't eat much even though the food was really nice.

 I didn't mind the not so clean environment though. I kinda expected it. But I dunno about other city folks. If you love freshly caught seafood, my advice is to keep an eye closed. XD

 Again. Trash. I wonder how it feels waking up to the pungent stench and the view of it.

 Salted fish.

 A tiny hut.

Still, it is worth a try. The seafood was freshly caught. The prawns were swimming lively, ready to be steamed, deep fried or marinated. You can easily look for the food pictures on the web, since there are already many bloggers wrote about this restaurant.

Btw we ordered mantis prawns, prawns, la la clams, crabs, vegetables and keropok. Total damage was RM92.30 for three of us. It's considered dead cheap compared to the seafood price we get in KL. 

Suang Le River Seafood Restaurant
Bagan Pasir, 45500
Tanjong Karang, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel No : +6019-690 6788 or +6019-233 5296

Opens for lunch and dinner.


Kian Fai said...

eh I thought got karaoke? hahah weird signboard name :)

and environment is truly bad . . . :(

XCB said...

yalor the name is weird. haha

i kept an eye closed most of the time haha

dk96734 said...

Intrigued by this place! Haven't been in Malaysia for about 15 years since I was a kid. But always have had fond memories. You forgot to take pictures of the food! My daughter asked "why is there so much trash?" Hard to believe there is still a sleepy fisherman's shack only an hr from KL!