Sunday, June 26, 2011

Must Visit 5 Exotic Places Before I Die

I decided to write this post after watching Up, the Disney-Pixar's animation. So this is like the my version of Ellie's adventure book. =D

1. Bhutan - a place of clarity, peace and serenity. According to a research, the Bhutanese are the happiest people on earth. No joke. It seems that their happy meter goes up whenever they are reading mantera or what.  

Takeshang Gompa, Tiger's Nest Monastery

Happy little monks.

2. Maldives - is an island dangerously threatened by rising sea level. The country's highest point is only two meters above sea level. Fortunately, the Maldives government is saving to buy a patch of unoccupied land in other continent and move their people to the new homeland when the island sinks. It's a 20th century Noah's ark project. 

3. Greece - the blue and white combination is just breathtakingly beautiful.

4.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - I dunno, maybe it's because I've watched Fast & Furious 5 and like it so much. Ironically, Rio de Janeiro is rated among the 10 Places You Don't Want to Live on earth.

5. Kenya - Well, where else to go if you are Animal Planet's biggest fan!

and you can be this close to wild animals!

This is it so far.

Dream Big!


Casley said...
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Casley said...

i wanna go maldives too!! hope i'll have the chance.. ^^